Visual content for bank marketing

Many years of great relationships

We extend a partnership offer with playd – our creative motion graphics studio. We specialize in crafting cutting-edge stories that showcase your products in the most appealing way.

B2C content

Full CGI video for B2C products.

We craft videos that introduce new banking products to clients in a clear, beautiful, and inventive manner. We seek a winning visual image for each product advantage, understanding the unique nature of banking offers, which often exist solely in the digital realm without a physical presence.

Discover full CGI videos and Key Visuals showcasing a diverse range of banking products, including credit and deposit offers, premium cards, promotions, and presentations for mobile payment systems.

For each video, we create a distinct visual code tailored to match the brand identity, target audience of the product, and the message the bank aims to convey.

Frequently, videos are tailored to suit various advertising platforms.

B2B content

Full CGI video for B2C products.

Here, you can explore examples of content for B2C products.
The principles remain consistent: delivering a creative concept
for visualization, adhering to the brand's color palette, and effectively reaching the target audience by selecting the appropriate style
for both video and audio.


Updates to banking applications and interfaces.

Depicting changes in application interfaces in a metaphorical, engaging, yet extremely accessible way poses a challenge for a graphics studio. That's why we cherish projects like this so much!

Buttons, icons, bubbles, and windows exist only in the digital realm; for such projects, we need to find a physical embodiment for interface elements – beautiful images that will appear in the video and help tell the viewer a story.

Video Commercials

We design graphics for commercial videos.


Video for exhibitions, installations and festivals.

Content for installations is more than a promotional video; it's true multimedia art. We take numerous variables into account to ensure
the viewer's experience is as complete as possible: the site, size, shape, and location of screens. It's crucial for us to craft the video in a way that compels attention – you can't walk past it without looking. Often, such content is later utilized by the client for brand materials, websites, and social networks. has extensive experience collaborating with clients in the banking sector. With a diverse portfolio, we've mastered creative concepts, eye-catching visualizations, and balanced solutions. Our expertise lies in helping businesses grow, attracting new audiences, and effectively communicating a bank's offers. We're excited to bring this knowledge to our joint project with you.