about us

a motion graphics collaborative team run by digital artist Shtyler.

Paul Shtyler

who we are

a global CGI and creative studio comprising award winning digital artists with decades of experience across the advertising and brand experience industries.

As specialists in RnD, Creative Production, Experience design, and Cinema, we turn big ideas into reality by consistently pushing the boundaries of our imagination and exploring the edges of what is possible.

Our international teams are from diverse backgrounds because we fundamentally believe that to produce extraordinary work, we need creative diversity. We create brand visualization ideas and then actualize them through motion graphics that not only present our clients' products to the world but also convey their essence to the consumer.

We strive to provide exemplary motion graphic designs that are high-quality, functional, and eye-catching. Our aim is to bring across every client's message and identity in the most unique and creative ways.

Evgenii Zaozernykh

Alexander Tumasov


here are numbers that will make
you say, “Woooooooooooooooow!”



years of experience in visual content production



world design community awards



successfully completed projects


we are sure you know these guys; they have already worked with us.

Alexandr Sinchurin

Semyon Kondeev


awards are not the goal; they are
the accompanying celebration.