Netflix & Loewe

Experience Dungeons and Dragons game with Stranger Things figurines.



When the German electronics brand, Loewe, signed a contract with Netflix, the creative teams of both companies had an exciting idea for a new collaboration: to create a series of commercials featuring Loewe's new-generation televisions and TV shows produced by the renowned American streaming service.

Figurines and characters

Our most ambitious task was to capture the distinctive mood and ensure the easy recognition of beloved characters. Inspired by Stranger Things, we crafted a video that faithfully brought to life the enchanting world of the treasured Dungeons and Dragons game, cherished by the series' characters.

We made our utmost effort to ensure absolute accuracy in capturing the figurines' anatomy, poses, clothing, and facial expressions down to the finest detail.

Fun Fact

The main characters of the Stranger Things series were delighted when they saw our advertising campaign featuring the figures we created. Consequently, our 3D models were printed in multiple batches.