We did this project for a unicorn startup
in the lithium‑ion production industry. 



QuantumScape developed the industry’s first anode-less cell design, which delivers high energy density while lowering material costs and simplifying manufacturing. The innovative battery cell technology can store energy more efficiently and reliably than today’s lithium-ion batteries.

With Lithium-ion batteries in the heart of this upcoming transformation we are thrilled to present our collaborative vision of EVs future.


render hours


seconds of animation


style frames

It was crucial for the client to demonstrate the technological advancements, modernity, and eco‑friendliness of QuantumScape. Therefore, our primary goal when creating the video was to showcase the manufacturing facilities and communicate the company's plans.

New brand s`trategy

the content we created for QuantumScape, doubled as the foundation for the company's new brand strategy, leading to updates on their website and social media platforms.

During our collaboration, QuantumScape went public and secured a multi‑year contract with Volkswagen AG.